This page contains important information for visitors to the Centre.   Please read before you visit.

Our address is : Lot 2, 19 Griffeys Lane, Mount Helen, Victoria, 3350,  Australia

Our email address is :

Our postal address is :  P.O. Box 671, Buninyong, Victoria, 3357

Our telephone number is : 03 - 5300 2967 

Secretary of Committee : Mr. Dip on 0450-909347


We are reliant on bore water and rain water collection for the water that is used in the Centre.   That means we do not have domestic water supply as you do in your house in the city or suburbs.  For this reason, we try to restrict the amount of water that we use.


If you visit, it would be appreciated if you could bring some drinking water for yourself if you need it.  Please bring it in a recyclable glass bottle, that you can take home with you, and bring again on your next visit. 

Bushfire Safety - It is important that you read and understand this 

The Centre is surrounded by grass paddocks and natural bush.  Both of these types of land are subject to intense fires. 


Before you visit you should check the current fire weather conditions for Mount Helen which is in the Central District.   If the Fire Danger Rating is Extreme or Code Red , or a Total Fire Ban day has been declared do NOT visit the Centre.

If you are already at the Centre and any of these conditions arise you will asked to leave for your safety. 

There is only one entry and exit road, and there is no guarantee that in a fire, the Emergency Services will be available to assist.  The Centre will be closed on these days, and the Monks in residence will also leave to a safer place.

If you are attending a Meditation Course when this happens, we will book you into the next available Meditation Class, so that you can continue your learning.

Do not be confused by the terms "Total Fire Ban" and "Fire Danger Rating".  The Fire Danger Rating defines how dangerous a fire would be if one started.  The Total Fire Ban tells you what you can or cannot do on a certain day when a total fire ban has been declared.


You can check the current fire weather conditions by downloading the VicEmergency APP to your smartphone or tablet, and creating a "Watch Zone" for the Centre address in Mount Helen.