If you wish to partake in meditation training by our resident monks, you will need to check on the Events Calender when the next Vipassana Meditation Course is occurring.   If the date is suitable for you, please send a message using the Contact page.   We will reply to let you know if there are still places available on the course.

Meditation Classes are a SILENT RETREAT : Please be mindful and try not to talk.

People wishing to undertake intensive meditation practice observe The Eight Precepts This contains the Five Precepts, but with the third precept extended to prohibit all sexual activity , and an additional three precepts that are especially supportive to meditation practice.


Below is what you need to bring to the temple for the Meditation classes, and the rules that are followed in the Meditation classes.


What to bring


  • Your own food preferences

  • Your own showering items

  • Your prescribed medicines

  • Slippers and walking shoes 

  • Warm clothes (even in summer) 

Rules for meditation classes

  • Please do not ask the monks about worldly or personal problems.

  • Please ask only Dhamma questions to the monks when meditation sessions are complete.

  • Please ask a volunteer if you need any help.

  • Please switch off mobile phones during meditation retreat.

  • There is no smoking, alcohol or drugs allowed at the Monastery. 

  • Please do not point your feet towards any Buddha statue or the monks.

  • Please do not lie down in the meditation room or during Dhamma talks. 

  • Please do not stand or sit too close to the monks.

  • Ladies please do not touch or pass anything directly to the monks.

  • Gentlemen please do not walk to the Ladies Area and viceversa. 

  • Please try not to move during meditation, as it not only disturbs your own practice, but other people’s meditation as well. 

  • Please wear modest clothing, with cover from neck to below elbows and knees, and no bare back or stomach visible when bowing or exercising. Please do not wear skin tight clothes. 

  • Some clothing can also be very noisy, so please do not wear plastic jackets or pants during meditation. 

  • Please be punctual for each meditation session. 

  • Please do not use the resident monks bathroom. 

  • All food is donated by devotees and cooked by our kind volunteers. The prepared is eaten by the monks, people doing meditation and volunteers.  We cannot prepare any special diets for anyone.  If you require a special diet please bring your own food.

  • Please help to recycle all garbage. 

  • Please use one plastic bottle for water, write your name on it, and refill it throughout the meditation retreat. 

Thank you for your respect and kindness.